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Let us make your home smart

Now you also have possibility to get a modern home control system for your home. Smartecno system is always tailored to your needs, with ease of use and comfort in focus. A home control system is a modern way to increase the functionality, comfort, safety and above all energy efficiency of a home.

Our automation system can also be retrofitted without additional wiring because our system utilizes the existing home electrical network. We only add switching modules to the recessed boxes, which are automatically paired to the modules installed in the switchboard.

Decision, design, install, operation - so you can enjoy your new smart home with ease and speed.

Open and flexible

Transparency and extensibility are essential to our home control systems. Initially, the system can be built to include only the basic system and the required components. Initial investment in a basic system is always affordable. Therefore, we also offer our customers the ability to easily upgrade and extend the system.

An open and flexible system structure makes changes and extensions easy. It is also possible to make some smaller changes yourself. Of course, if a professional is needed, we always provide a local installation service through our partners.

Let's keep in touch as new needs arise. Let's work together to make your home work better.

1. Building developer - Stand out as a progressive player!

Be a pioneer in providing your customers with an eco-friendly and energy-efficient smart home option. The Smartecno system is ingenious as it is easily installed in the regular electrical cabling of and apartment. All devices connected to the electrical network of an apartment are part of the smart home system and the electrical network acts as a bi-directional data transfer element. For example, the Smartecno system controls heating and ventilation in response to the presence of the residents. The system allows the home to operate automatically and with customized functionality as needed. Various product packages can be introduced for security, convenience, energy saving and other aspects fitted to your housing product.

2. Advantages

  • Cost effective
  • Easy installation - no separate data cabling
  • Usable with default settings immediately after installation
  • Easy to modify and extend even with wireless devices
  • Uniform User Experience - Single user interface for building technology devices

3. Smartecno as a partner

We believe that we can best get our message across by working with developers and house factories. Smartecno improves your business productivity. The number of cables needed in the structures is smaller as the data moves in the reqular power grid. In addition to mains communication, part of the system can be implemented using various wireless and battery-free technologies (e.g. EnOcean), allowing installation on glass surfaces or other areas where cabling is difficult.

4. Strong support for partners

We help you to create targeted marketing materials that are accurate and product specific.

We provide training for the design and installation of the Smartecno system, as well as suitable design systems, if necessary. Our service includes complete order-supply chain management, delivering house-specific components and cabinets directly to the site or warehouse on schedule, eliminating the need for storage and releasing capital for other uses.

Industrial customers and contractors

We provide training for the building industry and contractors in the design and installation of the Smartecno system. Our service includes complete order-supply chain management, delivering house-specific components and cabinets to the site or warehouse with just-on-time deliveries.

The Smartecno system, for example, helps prefab house manufacturers to reduce the number of workouts and lead-throughs, since "data" moves within an existing mains cabling and switches and sensors can also be implemented using wireless technology.

With Smartecno you improve your business productivity and gain a competitive edge over your competitors. In addition, you can market your products to potential customers as energy-saving and comfort-enhancing systems that pay off with lower energy bills over the years and increased comfort and safety.

Installation partners

Southwest Finland

Capital area

Electric cabinets

Installation and resellers

We are also a Certified DigitalSTROM Distributor Partner, providing you with expert system-related products and services including deployment, guidance, and certified training.

We provide a comprehensive network for the design and installation of Smartecno systems. If necessary, you will receive from us a turnkey package of complete deliveries.

We have nationwide network of dealers and installation companies that we also train regularly.

We're constantly expanding our network - interested? Contact us and let's see how we can start working together.